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I'm on!

I am shifting much of my work to GitHub due to its easy management and advanced CVS.

Well, I wanted to know more about compilers and interpreters, so I went ahead and created a programming language- struixLang.

struixLang implements a stack, which is a list of objects which the program operates on.

Also, a  ... Read more »

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I started using espeak TTS few months back, but finding it difficult to use I created a Wrapper Library for Python 3.

However due to an unexpected problem (This), it currently does not work on Linux Systems. EDIT: It works.

The v0.3.9 Windows release is available here.

The project page is here.

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I don't know why, but I decided to make a calculator app to add to the huge list of the existing ones.

I started surveying the trends of calculator app designs across different platforms.Most of the apps I found looked modern but contained only the most basic functions.

Moving on to scientific calculators, I noticed that the programs were too complex and had too many functions which would never be required. One had to go though several options before the person could per ... Read more »

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So I am back, and with me comes the new article on Formatting Code in HTML. Some may notice that the name of the article does not include the word code, and it is so because I plan to expand on this article and post updates, and perhaps even make a series of such articles.

Also the article delves into how one can retrieve code from GitHub (Popular code collaboration site) and put it in their blogs or website, like how I did so here.

Find the article .

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